A.C.C. Basketball Announces Matchups

Virginia Tech Basketball knows who they will face in 2017/18 season. We haven’t even seen the first snap of football season, but the A.C.C. brass are keeping basketball top of mind. On 7/20 they released the matchups for the upcoming hoops campaign. There aren’t any specific dates [...]

Andre Kendrick Weighs In On The Michael Vick Debate

There has been online controversy surrounding Michael Vick’s election to the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame. A former teammate would like to offer his thoughts on the situation. If you are active at all on “Hokie social media”, you probably noticed the controversy with Virginia [...]

Virginia Tech Social Media

The summer doldrums continue to drag on, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Soon the school year will arrive with Virginia Tech athletics. Before that time comes though there remain some fantastic avenues of getting your Hokie sports fix. Social media has expanded significantly [...]

Justin Fuente Checks In To Gobbler Country Part One

The head coach talks recruiting, what it means to play West Virginia in the opener, and a Clemson loss that still stings. Virginia Tech football can’t get here soon enough. Fall camp will be starting soon, and Gobbler Country was lucky enough to spend some time with head coach, Justin [...]

Virginia Tech Hokies 2017 Roster Review: Defensive Line

It’s time for a look at the Hokie Defensive Line. We have five quality returning faces, and a few new players who may just make an impact this season. There are four positions on Bud Foster’s defensive line; Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Nose Tackle, and Stud End. Who fits in where [...]

Justin Fuente Named To Dodd Watch List

The award goes to the coach of the year who excels in scholarship, leadership, and integrity. It is preseason watch list time, and Justin Fuente is on the national radar. The Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Foundation in conjunction with the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl generate the list each [...]

Most Valuable Hokie?

A bar guest proposed a question that really made me think. “What player is the most indispensable for the Hokies in 2017?” This guest is a die hard Alabama fan, who attends every single Alabama game, home and away. His pick was the QB. My response might surprise you. There are certain [...]

The Virginia Tech Hokies and the Football Power Index

With little more than a month standing between fans and their college football we all await the pre-season rankings from the AP and Coaches Poll. Before that let’s look at ESPN’s preseason Football Power Index (FPI) rankings. The preseason FPI ranking is a predictive system that considers [...]

Virginia Tech Hokies Offensive Changes and Challenges for 2017

Before we wrap up the Defense and Special Teams let’s take a look at the changes and challenges on the offensive side of the ball for the Hokies. New QB, thin RB, WR, TE, RG, and RT. That’s a big list of new. Change is a Challenge all of its very own. The days are counting down to [...]

Virginia Tech Hokies 2017 Roster Review: Linebackers

Now its time to take a look at the Linebacker situation this season. There isn’t much change, and that’s going to present some interesting challenges to opposing offenses. So, on our last meeting we talked about a stacked and experienced defensive backfield. I purposely left out the [...]

Michael Vick to be inducted into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame

MIchael Vick was one of five former Hokies selected to the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame. Virginia Tech announced five new members to its 2017 Hall-of-Fame class on Tuesday. The class is headlined by arguably the best athlete in school history in Michael Vick. LEGENDARY @MikeVick [...]

Virginia Tech football: Tommy Reamon Jr. to join football staff

The son of Michael Vick’s former high school coach is now apparently a part of the Hokies’ staff. The Virginia Tech Hokies have promised they were going to add to the football support staff since Justin Fuente took over as head coach. On Monday, Tech took a step in fulfilling that promise [...]

Recruit 18 for ExitLight18 is Long Snapper Oscar Shadley

The Hokies got a commitment from Army All-American Oscar Shadley today- oh, and he’s a long snapper. Huh. So, count this as a surprise. Besides the fact that you usually don’t get midday commitments like this, the next member of #ExitLight18 is long snapper Oscar Shadley. He was on an [...]

Virginia Tech Hokie 2017 Roster Review: Defensive Backs

It’s time to take a look at the defensive back roster #DBU is stacked with tons of experience and two full backfields of talent. There are more than a few coaches who aren’t going to want to throw against this crew. Imagine if the looming threat of the NFL with its alluring lucre, blood [...]

Hokie Fan Appreciation Day is August 20th

Fan Appreciation Day is going to be held, again, this season. The event sort of starts off the Fall by ending Summer with a little time for the team to meet and greet the fans. This season it’s going to be in the Beamer Barn. In the past it’s been in Lane Stadium. After the heat of [...]

Jordan McFadden adds to recent Hokies Fireworks

The Hokies get a commitment with their fireworks, as Jordan McFadden commits So, who wants more offensive line commitments? I do. Well, tonight, the Hokies picked up their second. Jordan McFadden, an offensive tackle from Roebuck, South Carolina, committed to Virginia Tech, joining John Harris [...]

Hokies Celebrate Independence Day with Commitment from Caleb Steward

Hokies get their (first?) commitment of Independence Day with Caleb Steward, running back from Jacksonville, FL. It's official.. I'll be committing to VT❗️ #GoHokies pic.twitter.com/BJpibXIBvl— Caleb (@Caleb_Steward) July 4, 2017 In what’s likely to be the first of two commitments [...]

Alan Tisdale commits to the Hokies

The Hokies pick up their 15th commitment and 5th North Carolina player in Alan Tisdale. More #NC2VT stuff, as anticipated. Tisdale has been a Hokie lean for a while, so his commitment doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He’s a second cousin to DJ Crossen and a longtime friend of Tre Turner [...]

Quincy Patterson shows his stuff at the Opening camp, and other recruiting notes

Recruiting news, get your recruiting news here! Quincy Patterson is showing off at the opening, and other Hokies miscellany! Okay, so, mark me down as one of the guys that thought Patterson was underrated before it was cool. Right now in Oregon, the three (3?!?) star Virginia Tech commit is [...]

Virginia Tech Hokie 2017 Roster Review: Offensive Line

The unusual feature about the Offensive Line Roster this season is that we have a solid first level of experience in key positions. There are also quality players working their way up the depth chart. The Hokies look like the Offensive Line is not as worrisome as in past seasons. That’s [...]